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Kent, United Kingdom Gb

is the salvia hot lips hardy in winter in the south east?




It surprises many people but Kent (historically at least) can get very cold weather occasionally. Because there is only 14 miles of sea between you and the continent, cold air from the larger landmass sometimes sweeps across this corner of the country.

I would at least site it in the most sheltered spot, perhaps south facing and wrap lightly with frost protection fleece if a really cold spell is imminent.

Don't prune until mid-late spring either. One option would be to take a few semi-ripe cuttings in late summer as a back up.

14 Dec, 2009


It comes under annual salvias in the vast seed catalogue that we use at the nursery, but as Fractal said a sheltered site is always best

14 Dec, 2009


I planted one in my garden last summer. It came through the winter, surviving
-8C with no protection and minimal dieback

14 Dec, 2009


I am also in kent, and all my three neighbours have the salvia hotlips. mine has doing well for past 6 yrs. each early spring i prune it back to 6" from ground. Good luck Gill

15 Dec, 2009



I live in somerset and my hot lips plant is still going strong! i've been told it's half hardy but It looks stronger than that somehow!

However, looks can be deceiving and i'm leaving mine as it is until the spring then prune back down to a close framework for the new shoots to start developing.

Look at that bad weather earlier this year, be warned! I lost quite a bit cos I cut down too closely.

Good luck

Micky 45

16 Dec, 2009

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