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By Pamg

east midlands, United Kingdom Gb

what apple tree variety would you reccomend for a clay soil fairly open aspect there are other apples around so pollination isn't a problem
Also what other fruit trees should I plant-- havn't had new ones for years and wondered if there are new varieties that have less cultural problems



Hi' Pam,my soil is heavh clay but I will own up I have used a lot peat when planting,I have dun a bit of reserch but I only hope that I am right, what I did up on advice from the RHS, was give them dranage by loosening the soil to a depth of two feet so that the roots will not dround,what I have planted is for eating,laxton superb ,surposed to be self polanating, but I also put in pixie , because that dose cross polanate with the laxton and herefordshire russet,which I have planted just for me'' and a bramley seeding for apple pies,hope this helps

14 Dec, 2009


thanks Cliffo i'll look them up

15 Dec, 2009

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