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By Gailsam

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

My gladioli that I planted in the spring in my front garden which flowered in july are shooting up again. Should this happen? If not how do I treat these plants during these cold months? This is my first garden that I have had.



Gladioli usually get dug up each winter and put in a dry place such as a shed.
They will have new growth in the form of new corms attached to the old corms that will usually have shrivelled up.
You can leave them in the ground if you wish but this can knock them back if it is a cold winter and they might not flower the coming year.

If you leave them in the ground give them a good mulch for extra warmth.

15 Dec, 2009


I leave mine in the ground - some of them don't make it, but some do. As yours are shooting, I'd do as Trees suggests and give them a covering of something to protect them a bit, probably a mulch of some kind piled over the top. As its colder now, they should just stop growing and might then pick up where they left off next year. Pile the mulch up to the top of the new growth.

15 Dec, 2009



Yes try the mulch, it's a good idea, I think nature is a bit confused with the weather as we had a very mild autumn indeed.

Nature in general does take care of itself and apart from a few exceptions i leave alone, it sorts itself out in the long run, seems a bit cruel but my thriving garden is the proof!

Good luck.

Micky 45

16 Dec, 2009

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