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My clematis plants are showing energetic spring growth in December - one is in bud. So what do I do in February when I am supposed to prune them back?Thank you.



Prune them back just the same as if the buds were still not there. They will produce more growth from the base.

15 Dec, 2009



Yes, i've noticed this too but i've cut all shoots back close to the ground, I know that Montana varieties you don't do this to, there are three groups but different sources may tell you that your particular clematis is in a group contrary to the other sources, a bit confusing as i have an Ernest Markham one which stated different groups!

I also think it may be different depending on your gardens own micro-climate!

Confused I was but it still got the chop!

Good Luck, Micky 45

16 Dec, 2009


Some Clematis, like Ernest Markham, can be pruned in different ways, depending on when you want them to flower. In that sense they are in 2 different groups which is why there may be confusion. is the best place to look for the correct grouping and pruning advice.

16 Dec, 2009

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