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will a standered rose do well in a container




All i can say to this question is it would depend on the variety I would say, but in general i would think it would be a good idea to give it a generous sized pot.

There are sources which tell you what varieties would suit the ground/or pots better, the garden expert books are a good solid advice or check out online by googling your actual question?

P/s, remember that pots are often reliant on humans to make sure they don't dry out, the ground is much more forgiving.

Best of luck, Micky 45

16 Dec, 2009


I think roses do best in the ground but you can get "patio" roses which have been designed to be put in a pot.

16 Dec, 2009


I agree with Genuisscuffy - they do better in the ground as they are heavy feeders. I do have a patio rose in a large container and he does ok, but I need to keep him well watered and FED throughout the summer.

16 Dec, 2009


If its a normal standard rose, no, it won't - it'll be okay for a year, maybe, but even in a big tub, it won't be able to put down the long roots it wants to. As already said, a patio rose will be fine in a pot.

16 Dec, 2009


They are often grown in half barrels, so a container this size would be OK. Keep it in a sheltered spot or they blow over in windy weather.

17 Dec, 2009

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