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the leaves are great but there are no buds this year

On plant Cyclamen



Of the two species most likely to be in leaf in your garden now, Cyclamen hederifolium has already flowered (autumn) and my Cyclamen coum (late winter) are not yet showing obvious buds. The coum may have buds very tight to the ground but I haven't yet actually looked. If your hederifolium did not bud up and flower in the autumn maybe a feed of bonemeal at the end of the winter might help for next year.

17 Dec, 2009


Or if it's a potted one for indoors, maybe it needs a bit of tomato food to encourage flowers.

18 Dec, 2009


Sorry, Volunteer and Martin, I missed that possibility - it shows where my main interests are.
I know of people who have kept these alive and flowering for years with no more attention than watering during the growing season. Yes, I would have to agree with Volunteer, give it a feed every couple of weeks with dilute tomato feed and when the leaves have died down repot it in fresh JI No2 compost.

18 Dec, 2009

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