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Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I live in a windy part of Norfolk, UK. The garden is subjected to S.Westerlies virtually all year, with Southerly blasts in Summer and wicked Easterlies in Winter. Will this tree survive this situation. Any opinions very welcome. Thank you.

On plant Tamarix ramosissima



That is an excellent choice for your exposed site. It is tough enough to use as shelter for more tender plants. Very pretty too.

17 Dec, 2009


Yes, I think you have the right choice, as Heather has answered first I think you could plant Heather underneath.

17 Dec, 2009


my brother has it in his garden and he is about 1000m from the beach. gets northerlies and easterlies regularly [all year] he is on the coast at sunderland. so yes it is tough as well as being delicate looking.

17 Dec, 2009


It might be an idea to protect it with some netting for the first year whilst it gets it's roots down. And water well, as the wind will dry it out more quickly.

18 Dec, 2009

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