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Black Death


By Malfyfe

United Kingdom Gb

Something is strangling my lovely shrubs. First a populus then the prunus hedge - both had to be cut down and disposed of last autumn. This spring I planted a pyracantha hedge now its got the problem too. Late spring parts of the new growth die turn black and hang off. I have looked in my books but cannot see what it is or how to deal with it.




What's your ground like? How deep is it? I mean, do your plants last a couple of years and then go brown - when their roots reach the problem. Do you know what the ground is like there at say 2ft deep?

5 Jun, 2008


I was wondering if your house was a new-build. There are often problems in the gardens on estates when builders remove the topsoil and leave the rubble under the soil they put back, which is often poor quality. I think muddywellies has a good point. Maybe you need to dig down and see what's under there.

5 Jun, 2008


Thanks. The soil in this garden is about a spade depth deep and well cultivated (I have given it my best shot) and fed, however beneath is clay. The garden is on a slight slope therefore is well drained and could be dry at times if I forget to water it. These plants will get direct sunlight for the first half of the day. The other plants are doing well despite the depth of top soil. This ailment only appears on some stems whilst the others grow vigorously. These plants in the photo were just recently bought from the garden centre and clearly have contracted something when exposed to this spot of garden. Any other thoughts?

8 Jun, 2008

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