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Just bought a Phalaenopsis (Orchid) as a Christmas houseplant. I need advice about care please.

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Hi Chris Hope Your Well ? :) Iv added your Question to Orchid Plants in Goypedia in hope ul find all u need to know in the Related Questions found to the Right along with any answers your given :)

22 Dec, 2009


Chris Spritzhenry is the Phal. queen round here. She has written at least on blog on there care and attention. Basically I find them one of the easiest houseplants to grow 'cause they thrive on neglect :-)

22 Dec, 2009


Thanks Mg. :-)))

Hi Chris and welcome back! I did indeed write a blog in October this year on 'Awkward Orchids' to try to help people with their care. You'll find it on my page under 'October'. I hope it helps.

22 Dec, 2009


Hi Chris
You've mentioned my favourite plant! There's a lot of contradictory advice on the Net about phalaenopsisI have about ten of them but not many are flowering at the moment. Some people say cut the old flower stalks off, some people say don't. Some say give fertiliser and some say don't!
I noticed what a huge price was being asked for them in the supermarket this morning all because its nearly Christmas. I know they are supposed to be grown in transparent containers so the aerial roots can receive light .
I see Moongrower says they thrive on neglect - mine are pretty neglected but it isn't making them flower. They are supposed to be induced by having a colder spell at the beginning of autumn. Well, mine have had that and I'm still waiting.
Let me know what you find out!

22 Dec, 2009


I received a Phalaenopsis as a gift about a year ago. It has been growing indoors since then. It does get some morning sun and is almost neglected since I water it only every 7- 10 days. Thats it, no fertilizer. It is doing pretty well and bloomed again last Christmas.

21 Apr, 2011

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