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Why is this Camellia flowering in the frost and snow? I can't understand it. It was bought for me in Feb - it then flowered and I waited for the flowers to drop naturally. I then re potted it and it looks so so healthy! The strange thing is, it is producing flowers like no tomorrow. The frost has sealed them shut so not they are just dropping. Can anyone tell me why this Camellia has decided to flower at this time of year and will it mean that it will not flower again in the summer? Thanks very much!!!!



sorry mine are still tight buds-- it may help to know the variety

22 Dec, 2009


Camellias should be in bud right now not flower. Where have you got the pot Grassroots? They like to be a bit sheltered so that if it is frosty they do not get morning sun on the buds.

22 Dec, 2009


There are Camellias that flower in late autumn /early winter - Camellia sasanqua. Could it be one of those?

Camellias like C. japonica etc don't flower in summer - they flower in early spring.

Check them all out on google or post a photo for us to look at!

22 Dec, 2009


Hi, thanks for your help. It is a JAPONCIA, Charles Cobb. The other day i found a perfectly formed flower that had frozen and fallen off, very strange! It could well be in a position where it is getting early morning sun - will check it out.

22 Dec, 2009


hi iv got 2 camellias 1 white and 1 pink and they both start too flower in late january ,but this year about a week before the cold snap the white camellia had about 6 lovely flowers which the frost has finnished off.could it be that the weather before the cold spell here in london was so mild?

25 Dec, 2009

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