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How can I keep my pond clear?


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping a pond clear? Mine is not very large approx 2 metre mtre square, I put it in in Feb this year. Its main purpose is just to attract wildlife, I have some aquatic plants, one small water lilly and some marginal plants. It attracted frogs in Spring so I have had tadpoles. The water is becoming cloudy and there is blanket weed developing , I keep scooping this out.
Anyone have any tips? Do you think I should have a pump or filter in the pond, would some fish help to keep the weed down? I really want it to look good but I am a bit despondant so far.



Reading my RHS book tells me you need a balance of oxygenating plants to keep algae out, and water clear. Also, the plants should cover more of the surface by the sound of it. To help, you can apparently buy a PH watertest kit to help you check the balance. Keep getting the blanket weed out on a stick. Hope this helps.

4 Sep, 2007


Thanks - what is the RHS book that you have?

4 Sep, 2007


It's the 'RHS Encyclopaedia of Gardening' and it is SOOO comprehensive! (I also treated myself to the 2-volume A-Z of Plants and Flowers... in an extravagant moment! ) However, they came from Amazon at a very good price, so I didn't feel too guilty. They are well worth having.

4 Sep, 2007


Thats one for my Christmas list!

5 Sep, 2007


I also have a small pond which gave me problems with blanket weed. I introduced a bunch of oxygenating weed ,which grew quickly and after two years ,with the plant growing & growing,I now do not have any blanket weed,and have now put cold water fish into the pond. The water is clear.A new pond does take a while to settle down.I could send you some of the plant.

10 Sep, 2007


hi yes the best thing is awater pump and a filter you can get these from any aquatics shop good luck doreen

20 Jun, 2009


Hi Andrea the cloudy maybe dirt being blown into the water. also plants covering most of the water will help keep the sun off wich stops it going green and formimg blanket weed. You could have a pump but the probs will still be there if the water is too exposed to the sun or light. If you do get fish then you should get a pump to help keep it clean for the fishes sake. Once got fish you can add stuff to help the water condion so you will need to ask in any pet shop as they sell of the pond stuff. Good luck.

12 May, 2010


Hi, fairly new and just noticed this entry.

I've had an ordinary garden pond with fish for a considerable time and found ther easiest way to keep water clean and weed free is to invest in a filter box and pump. These days you can get a filter box witha UV light fitted already which will keep the blanket weed away and providing the pump is kept clean ie: lifted and rinsed through every 2/3 months and the filter box cleaned regularly if you have fish then your water will stay almost crystal clear all year. We had up to 70 fish of which 8 were Koi Carp which meant that we could enjoy watching them all of the time instead of just for the few days that the water stayed clean after cleaning the pond out. Fish generate a lot of pooh so cleaning is essential.

4 Jan, 2011

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