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Christmas cactus not flowering at Christmas. Can anyone explain to me how to encourage it into flower and how to succeed with them. I have been growing them on a windowsill not near a radiatior, and on a pretty dry regime, watering only very occasionally. Do they need any kind of fertilizer? The one in the photo was flowering but then stopped.




I can only surjest the cold snap and advise you to move them from the glass after dark,but to be honest I know nothing about cactus,

24 Dec, 2009


Me neither. Maybe somebody will. Actually, I have just read in the Sun newspaper that after a flowering phase they need a rest for a while, feed and water being eased off. Maybe that will do the trick. It sounds to me as though they are not meant to flower continually in the winter, but intermittently. A bit like some of my fuchsias do in the summer.

24 Dec, 2009


I put mine outside in a shady sheltered spot for the summer and bring them in before the first frosts and they have flower buds I think that if i'd brought them into a warm room the flowers would open but i've run out of room !
Also i think that there's an easter cactus as well maybe thats what you have
Have a very happy christmas Jonathan and a peaceful New Year

24 Dec, 2009


As Pamq says, keep out side in the summer, bring them in and leave them in the same place, do not move them about. Do not overfeed or water.

24 Dec, 2009


i reduce watering from about jne and then start again around october and they flower for me. I think summer warmth and dryness is the key.

24 Dec, 2009


I have never kept one that long. Mine came from Waitrose recently and is about 18 cm tall. Maybe if I keep one through the summer until next winter, by then it will be bigger and better too.

24 Dec, 2009


A very happy Christmas to you too Pamq. And to you too Cliffo, Doctorbob, and Seaburngirl.

24 Dec, 2009


Last year my Christmas Cactus flowered in about March.
I have one that I just bought that was flowering but has now stopped. I have one that has just started to produce buds and one other that got one flower which dropped off and it hasn't had anymore.
I don't keep them outside in the summer as it is too dry here. I do know that they don't need to be as dry as you would expect. They aren't actually cacti but they are epiphytes (sp?). I found a really good info page here......

Hope it helps.
Have a wonderful Christmas Jonathan. xx

25 Dec, 2009


Thank you for your good wishes Jonathan, Happy Christmas to you and yours and a happy new year.

25 Dec, 2009


hallo I have 2 christmas catcus that are about 6yrs old when my cactus finish flowering I put them out in the greenhouse which is unheated and leave them there until next christmas I then water them in the summer only when I remember which is not very often and I feed them now and again I do not bring them in the house until a fortnight before christmas and water and feed them once a week wether I am lucky I dont know but every year I get a bigger show than the year before I hope this helps .


5 Jan, 2010


Thank you for that info Redted. I'm not surprised that its a bigger and better with time sort of plant. So many things do prove to be.

5 Jan, 2010


Hi jonathan, I 've been away so happy new year and lets hpe its a short winter i've had enough now! someone may know better than me but I think thas when your plant is bigger you can take cuttings from the joint? may be fun to try

6 Jan, 2010

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