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Heritage Seed Potatoes
Does anyone know where I can place a (very) small order for heritage seed potatoes? I just fancy growing about three tubers each of a couple of varieties.



I do Bulbaholic but it is in Canada so I don't think it would do you much good....LOL.

26 Dec, 2009


Thanks, Gilli, but I am also looking to affordable p&p. ;o).

26 Dec, 2009 good?

26 Dec, 2009
I think that these do a good range of all heritage seeds potatoes and everything like that
they show at alot of the shows we do including the Chelsea flowers show
Hope this helps bulbaholic :)

26 Dec, 2009


Many thanks, Arlene and Vicky. That will give me something to work on during these frosty days.

28 Dec, 2009


Hi Mr MB! Just saw this and have thought of, family business here in Fife, potato expert and has many heritage varieties. the P&P may be expensive, however.

2 Jan, 2010


I want the potato from Amy if it produces heart shaped pots. like that lol
See below on related photos

3 Jan, 2010

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