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I have three Japanese medlars or loquats grown from seed. (Eriobotyra japonica). So far they have resisted the winter well in an unheated, but frost free conservatory.
Has anyone any experience of growing these, and is there any chance I might get them to fruit later if protected from winter frost?

On plant Eriobotyra japonica



Hi Bertie.......I grew these in Catalunya Spain, where the winters were quite cold and damp....sometimes snow, but not heavy frosts. One tree was situated in the path of the Mistral wind, but even though it grew turning it's back to the wind, it always flowered and fruited. A larger tree in the garden bore a wonderful crop of fruit and any that fell from the tree would easily germinate between the pebbles.

I think the light is the main factor as on the whole, Winter days were bright and sunny. If you could plant your small trees within a sheltered area, by creating a couple of terraces, I'm sure they should do well, though if your garden is a frost pocket, I would grow them in large tubs and move them when winter arrives.

December was the month of their blossoms, and what a scent.....just wonderful,
like babies breath....the trees were alive with the hum of bees, busy pollinating.....:o)

27 Dec, 2009


Thanks very much for that information, Janey. It really gives me a good reason to persevere with these.
Unfortunately though we have hot summers here, we also get low temperatures in winter, so I don't think they will do outside unless I wrap them up. Sounds like my best bet is to keep them in large tubs and move them inside.
It's good to know I might be able to fruit them and that they have nice blossom, as I already think the foliage is great, rather darker green than avocados and much larger.
Bonne année from France,

28 Dec, 2009


Happy New Year to you Bertie! Yes they have a really strong ribbed leaf don't they? I pruned ours after fruiting as they had a tendency to grow very dense in the heart of the tree and eventually they were an umbrella most of the fruiting trees in Catalunya.
We used to use them sometimes as a pudding,

1 kilo of Loquats
Sponge or Flan base
Cup of Moscatel
Quick Jel
Double Cream

Skin and stone the Loquats and put in a basin with the Moscatel
Leave for a couple of hours to soak
Place on sponge or flan base
Make up Jel and pour over to set
When ready slice and pour over the cream

Mmmmmm.....I can taste them now.....good luck with them Bertie......:o)

28 Dec, 2009

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