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Heuchera's. I have the two varieties Marmalade and Licorice, and have successfully grown some seed, which Ihave indoors at the moment. Will they come true, or am I likely to have something new amongst them. At the moment they are about an inch high, and it is difficult to tell.



I would not expect them to come true. but you may well get some interesting combinations. were they cross pollinated with each other or self pollinated or dont you know?

27 Dec, 2009


Well, I just thought I would give it a go, and took the seeds of both and scattered them in a tray, but the plants were growing side by side in the garden. Should be interesting then.

27 Dec, 2009


oh yes it should be fun. take lots of photos and if any look realy good you may be onto a new variety :o)

27 Dec, 2009

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