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I have a large old Quince (Vanga I think) in a smallish garden. It has large branches that lean and crops heavily each year and i fear it will soon break. Have read to prune lightly but i would prefer to take a limb off. When could I do this? Will it kill the tree. I would like to be able to do something before it flowers and crops this year.



Hi Gillian sorry I don't have the answer , no doubt someone on here will . but welcome to GOY anyway.

28 Dec, 2009


Yes you may , as long as you do it while the tree is dormant. Better to cut it back than for the branch to snap and do a lot more damage to the tree in the process. Cut upwards where you want the brancjh to end, a little way, then cut down from above. Support the weight of the branch whilst sawing obviously. Paint the wound with Arbex wound paint or besswax if you can get it.

28 Dec, 2009

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