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By Savvo

Queensland, Australia Au

I'm in Queensland, Australia. I'd like to know what people consider to be the best growing medium and husbandry for A. ornatum and other Astrophylum species.



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Hi Les ... good to see a fellow Queenslander. I'm not an expert in growing cactus/succulents but for a medium I've always used the Yates Cacti and Succulent potting mix called 'Thrive'.

I have however seen 'Gardening Australia' host Jerry (who worked at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens) recommend using a home-made mixture:
one part mushroom compost, one part horticultural sand, one part pine bark, one part coir fibre and one part perlite all mixed thoroughly.

There are several people on this site who do grow lots of cacti and succulents who might have other recommendations though ...

30 Dec, 2009


I grow a few and usually take normal compost add grit and perlite in equal quantities and so far so good.
and welcome to GoY too.

30 Dec, 2009


Thanks, Bernieh and Seaburngirl.

30 Dec, 2009

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