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to stop squrals digging up my bulbs,it even gets under the netting



May be planting some in pots, plus wire netting over them and sunk in the ground may help. Worth a try? Good luck.

30 Dec, 2009


Chiken wire over my pots is the only way to stop them in my garden.
Once they start to grow they usually leave them alone.

Also i have found that if the pots are closer to the house where you go out to your garden they tend to stay away.

30 Dec, 2009


i put chicken wire about 1-2" below the soil but over the bulbs. this tends to work most of the time.

30 Dec, 2009


I got loads of good advice here on GoY on the squirrel/bulb problem when I was about to plant mine in the Autmn - I tried the sharp sand which definitely deterred the squirrels, they didn't try and dig any of them up. I also grated soap over the areas I'd planted immediately afterwards, which I think also helped. 10 to me, 0 to the squirrels!!!

27 Feb, 2010

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