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are tea leaves good for garden



Hi Guest i dispose of My Tea Bags in My Compost Bin :) My Nan used to say cold tea was good 4 House Plants 2 but i dont do it as i dont know if its true or not?

30 Dec, 2009


I compost my tea leaves and often water my plants with cold tea. doesnt do any harm but if they do do any good dont know.

30 Dec, 2009


Put mine in the compost

30 Dec, 2009


Me too...

30 Dec, 2009


Tea leaves are slightly acidic and can help with neutralizing alkaline soil. They also break down to provide humus for the soil. They contain trace minerals that are good for plants.
I always put mine into the compost. I don't usually apply them directly around the plants but I can't see that it would do much harm. Watering with cold tea would be rather like using "compost tea"....the trace minerals would be dissolved into the water.
I drink so much tea that I'm sure 50% of my compost pile is from tea leaves..LOL

31 Dec, 2009


I have found that teabags composted, do not. In short they are still teabags after months and have heard that they are made of manmade material which would explain. Also certain packing from Sainsburys organic produce which says 'compostable' isn't. Maybe in a huge Council composter but not in an ordinary domestic one.
I've always understood that most plants 'like' tea - and a chat!

31 Dec, 2009


The bags are very slow to compost.....I usually rip the bags in two before adding them to the compost so the leaves fall out.

31 Dec, 2009

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