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Could it be Litle John? This is a variety and would solve the clue ( in Garden Answers) as Little John was one of Robin Hood's merry men in Sherwood Forest



Not too sure what your question is? Why not join up and then you can interact with everyone, this is a bit random!!

31 Dec, 2009


I think this refers to the Callistemon in Sherwood Forest question, Andrea.

31 Dec, 2009


That's what I thought, but if no-one else saw that other post, how would they know!!

31 Dec, 2009


Well I hadn't seen... Guest if you want to join in the fun and games you need to become a member. Come on we don't bite...

31 Dec, 2009


Is it referring to the crossword in Garden Answers?

31 Dec, 2009


No idea Alice...

31 Dec, 2009


Aha! I have answered this for someone called Welshapples.....

3 Jan, 2010

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