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HI fellow gardeners quick question I have brought 10 spindle trees and they have arrived bear rooted all tied together taped up now my problem is should I plant these out as planed or will they be alright until after the snow has been



If the soil is not frozen I'd get them in now, if you don't you will still have to heel them in - they can't just sit around.

10 Jan, 2013


you dont say how big they are. If not too big and you cant plant them in the ground put them in individual pots. but they would be better in the ground and when the snow comes they wont be at too much risk.
heel them in otherwise as MG says.

10 Jan, 2013


Thank you they are 4ft tall so I will get them in tomorrow

11 Jan, 2013


at that size then they should be ok in big pots/or straight in the ground.

11 Jan, 2013

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