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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone recommend a heater for my greenhouse. I don't have electric supply. I grow lots of seeds and usually end up having to bring them indoors to germinate. As well as perennials I am growing all my hanging basket plants this year as I have 15 to fill and 2 tubes which hold about 30 plants each and at £1 a plant can get expensive.



hi ya its a shame you dont have any power as a 600watt grow lamp would of been perfect, however without power i would use a paraffin heater of which you can pick up from amazon or ebay for £20

11 Jan, 2013


It is early to germinate what sounds like annuals/summer bedding type plants. You would be better to wait till March.

Re heater for greenhouse, the only one that I can think is also paraffin but they produce water as a by-product, so you need to have the door/vent open as much as possible or you will end up with Botrytis all over the seedlings!

if you can afford to put electricity into the greenhouse then a fan heater with a thermostat would be the most economical to buy and run in my opinion.

11 Jan, 2013


I just run a normal extension lead from the house to greenhouse. As long as it's used with a circuit breaker, you can then use a nice small greenhouse fan heater which is thermostatically controlled.

If you could get electric down there, i buy reptile heat mats from ebay and use them as undersoil heating....the seeds love it !!!

11 Jan, 2013

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