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What kind of an orange tree is suitable for a large container? How old does it need to be to produce fruit? ?Northern San Diego County California



I'm afraid I know next to nothing about growing orange trees, Jomichele, but here in northern Italy, quite a few people grow Kumquats, which are a close relative, delicious to eat (peel and all), beautiful to look at, and easily raised in big containers. I believe they are generally about 5-6 years old before they give a really good crop. In California, they will get enough sunshine to do really well.

12 Jan, 2013


I need advice on growing Articokes? I want to grow it in a container. I am in Southern California. PLEASE HELP, Thanks!

13 Jan, 2013


Jomichele you would be better asking a separate question re artichokes so that everyone sees it and do you man globe or Jerusalem artichokes?

13 Jan, 2013


If you want to follow this question, do it here, Jomichele. I shall copy my answer here as well.
Yes, you will need to feed it with citrus food, but not to start with, I think. It depends how big a plant you start with. I'd go for as big as you can afford to buy. The supplier will be able to tell you better than I can how to look after it. I don't think it grows very big at all. I have seen them here about 9', but I'm sure they grow bigger.
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13 Jan, 2013


THANKS, Moon growe, I didn't know that.

13 Jan, 2013


Ok, I am beginning to understand. THANKS again, Getinna!

13 Jan, 2013

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