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Does anyone know anything about Calindrinia Bianca? I saw an Unwins seed packet yesterday saying it has seed heads that birds like. So far I have only been able to find out that it is a herb, it's not listed in my books or the RHS website. I want to know if it spreads before I try and grow some.



This is the best info I was able to find:

No indication that it is a thug but you could always grow in a pot the first year and see how it behaves.

13 Jan, 2013


my big RHS book has Calindrinia listed but not C.bianca. They tend not to be thugish in my experience I grew rock purslane C umbellata and it was short lived 3 yrs, but did self seed quite freely. The harsh frosts 20yrs ago saw it off.

13 Jan, 2013


It is a form of Calandrinia ciliata which is an annual.

13 Jan, 2013

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