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I am not a gardener and need some help please...
I am getting married on the 6th July and want to get both Mum's something to say thank you. I know I could get them a bunch of flowers but I was thinking of maybe doing them a nice bowl of bulbs..... I remember cultivating bulbs in the cupboard under the stairs when i was a child but that's about it!

Both my Mum and my Mother-in-law-to-be are gardeners but i can't ask them!

I have no idea what to look for that have a good chance of being in bloom in early July and that I have a good chance of managing to grow. I ideally want something that will last for years (rather than a bunch of flowers that last days!)

Thanks for all your help in advance



Hi something original.

Why don't you surprise them with these?! You couldn't get anymore original and they are great fun!

see link:

15 Jan, 2013


Hum, whilst they can be fun not something the mothers can actually appreciate over a period of time. Bulbs in containers tend to be for spring though there are summer flowering bulbs. Alternatively if you know the type of plants and shrubs they like you could either buy container grown for them to plant out or plant up a container yourself - or get one from a garden centre.

15 Jan, 2013


I've just found a patio rose called "thankyou". You may find different ones that are appropriate to the two mums, they can keep them in a pot or plant them out as they wish

15 Jan, 2013


The smaller asiatic lilies are probably one of the better pot grown bulbs for summer flowering but getting them to flower on a specific date would be chancy. The lily bulbs should be in the garden centers around April time.

15 Jan, 2013


what about a pot of agapanthus, not strictly a bulb but perenial, then there are Eucomis that would be in leaf but flower later. Browse some bulb catalogues like Bloms, Van Meuwen and Parkers for bulbs. There are many bulb companies that do mail order but I have had bulbs from all of these. Their bulbs usually are ok, especially the summer ones.

16 Jan, 2013

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