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By Alextb

London, England Eng

In Mid-Late February our block of flats is due to have scaffolding put up to install double glazed windows to all flats.

My flat is ground floor and so have a small garden, and I can easily move pots, but the large trough is way too heavy with approx 200-300 litres of compost in it, so cannot be moved.

My worry is that I planted over 200 bulbs including over 100 daffodils and they are coming up through the soil.

I have looked at where the scaffolding sits on other gardens and it looks like the scaffolding will be sitting where the daffodils have poked through and the rest will probably be trampled when they do our windows and as they put up the lower sections of scaffolding.

Is it safe to dig them up and replant them afterwatrds or do I stand more chance just leaving them and crossing my fingers?

If I can dig them up, I have no idea where I am going to put all the pots while this is going on and if I have enough pots including using the cheap pots plants come in from the GC. I will also need to order huge bags of compost if so.

Any advice appreciated.



if you are around at the time the workmen are there perhaps ask if they can shift it along for you, or you may find the poles miss it totally.

yes you could lift them out and put them into larger pots and most will survive, ready to go in again after flowering. Use some of the compost out of your planter to fill the pots rather than throw it away, then you wont need to buy as much.

fingers crossed yours gets missed.

16 Jan, 2013


Thanks Seaburngirl

16 Jan, 2013


The way these jobs go it could be delayed and the bulbs gone over, so I think you should wait and sort it when it happens......

16 Jan, 2013


O.K, thanks to both of you. I will see what happens, and if needs be I will remove them.

16 Jan, 2013


Maybe the strong scaffolders can move the planter for you. They may be able to work around the planter and I'm sure part of their agreement with whoever tendered the work out was to respect the grounds and cause the minimum 'destruction' possible. Speak to the scaffolders now to find out how they are planning to 'set out' the scaffolding out when they reach your flat. You never know they may even have already thought about these things. If they haven't ask them if there is anyway they could work around the planter.

17 Jan, 2013


Thanks Lijemc.

18 Jan, 2013

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