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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

Has anyone made a snowman yet.

The amount that has come down today and still snowing.

I think I shall have go tomorrow.




we made one on saturday.

on a major roundabout some wag has made two very large snow balls with a 'tower' in between them. Cant think what it is meant to symbolise :o))

21 Jan, 2013


Get the Viagra handy when the thaw sets in then :-))

21 Jan, 2013


Yes indeedy - just added pic - though he/she has shrunk overnight and is now looking a bit scary!

22 Jan, 2013


no but ive helped build with my walking stick a 10` lady and a 12` man etc lol .

22 Jan, 2013


LOL Fantastic he or she Annlivingst.

Lol Noseypotter and its still snowing.

I helped to dig out a neighbours as he just skidded and stopped when he came round the corner.

And now back to blizzards so in between the snow I made another batch of flapjacks

22 Jan, 2013


yum yum xx lol .

22 Jan, 2013


Haven`t built one at all this year, guess thats down to the fact that my household is all adults, used to love doing that, lol, we have had swirling fog today but have to say it has cleared a spot on the pond in the last couple of hours and I got a wet head when putting the bin out as the roof is beginning to drip, it does feel warmer...

22 Jan, 2013


with spondiloses you end up being the snowman lol .

22 Jan, 2013


Sunday I watched a father and his small son fill a plastic storage box with snow and packing it in tight they then spent over 3 hours doing this over and over again - building a tower of blocks, what fun those 2 had. The wife was not impressed though when tea was ready, as they had been sent out to clear their drive! Me I was happy just to watch in the warm.

22 Jan, 2013

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