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When is the best time to plant garlic cloves and onion sets I was thinking early March.



I w2ould expect to be planting onion sets towards the end of March, Steve. Was it you who was recently complaining of how bad the weather could be in your area? Although we live much further north we are near to the coast and have a reasonable climate (in most years!).

24 Jan, 2013


Sorry Bulba I have not complained about the weather although I should I am halfway though my weeks holiday from work and I spent £127 on some new polythene for my polytunnel and its stuck in the shed what a complete waste of a week so far the only jobs done so far is my seed list and cleaned the greenhouse out.

24 Jan, 2013


do the housework, there is always floors to clean, clothes to wash/iron/put away, surfaces to dust, meals to prepare&cook. etc etc

if you get bored come to mine :o)

24 Jan, 2013


Hey, Sea, don't be so hard on the man! You'll want him to learn how the Hoover works next. Get yersel down to the pub, Steve, and watch t' footie on Sky ;-))))

24 Jan, 2013


garlic needs a cold spell to create division from one clove to form a bulb hence November being the favoured month to plant. However an early spring planting gets good results so pop them in soon when convenient. They are tough as old boots but dont like the wet. I placed my garlic cloves on a couple inches of sand before covering with an inch of soil then popped abit of old plastic over them till the worst of the weather is over.
Bred for our climate is Solent White, an excellent keeper with good flavour & a good sized bulb, Isle of White garlic company.
See photo page 3.

25 Jan, 2013


Hi there,

I didn't plant out my garlic in Nov. as is usually the recommended time for planting as it was far too wet and with one thing and another, it was put on the back burner. And then more rain came, and again for another month .... so from tomorrow, mine will go out in a raised bed at home instead of them being at the allotment (last year's crop were half and half okish with about 1/3 being quite small, 2nd batch small-medium, and lastly quite big bulbs - culprit? the rain and lack of sun!)

So, you still have time as they say that the latest time is Feb. and Solent Wight is one to be recommended for a late sowing.

28 Jan, 2013

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