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Corydalis from seed.
I've been making out my order for seeds to grow this year, wanted to grow a few different corydalis varieties for our woodland area, having searched on net how easy they are from seed, a few sites say they are best sown immediately ripe,of course ones from seed companies won't be that ripe, has anyone grown them from seed and how successful were you?



Corydalis are one of the seeds that grow best when sown as soon as they can be collected. This does not mean that older seed will not grow, but the germination is likey to be much more eratic.
Only buy your seeds from a reputable company, Simbad, or join one of the specialist Societies, eg the AGS, who only supply seed collected in the last year (it will be too late now for the 2009/10 members seed distribution).
Buy your seeds as soon as possible and sow them straight away in your usual medium. Goodf luck.

2 Jan, 2010


Thankyou Bulbaholic, is a reputable company I've bought from many times, so will order now and give them a go, once again thanks for your help :-)

2 Jan, 2010


many are really easy.
I agree with bob reputable company
sower beware seed varieties can take you over lol
a nice problem :))

2 Jan, 2010


I got seed from Chiltern Seeds.....very reliable...very prolific!!

3 Jan, 2010


Never had any seeds from Chiltern seeds Amblealice will have to give them a try, I ordered my corydalis seeds yesterday from Plantworld so fingers crossed, their seeds are usuallly good too, never had any problems :-)

4 Jan, 2010


Chiltern's have a wonderful selection and their catalogue is very descriptive...its difficult to put down. They have lots of unusual varieties too.
PS: I'm not on

4 Jan, 2010


Just had a look on Chilterns website Amblealice, they certainly have a huge selection, ordered a catalogue, you do realise this means I'll have to dig up more grass to make room for more plants, lol, all your fault :-)

4 Jan, 2010 will save you having to cut so much grass :-)))).....would love to hear what you order....

4 Jan, 2010


Well its taken a while, looking at the date I posted this question, but at last my first corydalis seedlings of 'Bronze Beauty' have started to emerge today only 4 so far but sure there'll be more, so exciting :-)

18 Mar, 2010


That is good news. Look forward to some pics :o-)

19 Mar, 2010

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