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Where to cut Yucca


By Amiexx

Hi, my Yucca is dying. I think this is because of not really sunny place, so now I`ve changed it. Anyways, it is too tall, I would like to cut it, but how. Does it depend where I make cut or I can cut more pieces?

On plant Yucca elephantipes




you can only cut out the growing tip and hope it grows some more realy .

26 Jan, 2013


I have cut these up into 4" lengths and as long as the top bit of each cutting is at the top and the bottom bit of each cutting is in a gritty compost they will root and resprout. Keep them on the dryish side and warm and then you have even more of them. does that make sense.

26 Jan, 2013


You can cut yuccas back as hard as you like.....i'd cut id to about 12" above the last cut will get a much stronger new stem. Reduce the watering considerably as it won't have any leaves on until it shoots.

Then take cuttings as above

27 Jan, 2013


Erm, can I just ask, are you absolutely certain this plant is a Yucca? Only it could be one of the Dracaenas instead...

27 Jan, 2013


works the same way Bamboo. if you look at them when you buy them and this one is the same, there is a cut stem often sealed with a wax from which the new growth has come.

it could well be a dracaena though as you say.

27 Jan, 2013


thanks for advises. I think it is Yucca, it was bought as Yucca and I have it from small plant.
Should I cut the stem as well?

27 Jan, 2013


the sten is the ideal bits to cut into 4" lengths they will all sprout. the old stem may even sprout again for you.

28 Jan, 2013

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