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I need a plan for a long narrow border of mainly grasses. Any ideas?



Hi Grubbynails and welcome to GoY. Is the border in light or shade and where are you in the UK?

26 Jan, 2013


Hi there, thanks for responding so quickly. I'm in South Oxfordshire on a chalky soil. The border faces south east but is shaded by the house for the second part of the day. I have a few fescues and sedges and the like growing happily nearby but Im a bit if a novice when it comes to grasses and the sheer variety on offer is a bit daunting!

27 Jan, 2013


Probably easier to recommend a book - I got one for Christmas, and its pretty good, so I can recommend it. Available at Amazon, titled Designing with Grasses by Neil Lucas, ISBN 13: 978-0-88192-983-6. Even has a section called Reinventing the Classic Plant Border, which is basically about creating a grass border at Knoll.

27 Jan, 2013


Thanks so much; I'll take a squint at the book. Snowdrops flowering on the banks around the village today - a sign of hope!

28 Jan, 2013

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