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By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Can any one identify this twig or small branch off a tree please. It was in my garden but I cannot find the tree it is has come off!

Tree_twig_014 Tree_twig_022 Tree_twig_020



do you have a witch hazel? or a spindle tree?

26 Jan, 2013


it looks like a Parrotia persica to me. Persian ironwood is the common name of it.

26 Jan, 2013


I have a spindle but not a witch hazel, it is not the spindle. Good to see you still on Goy with prompt action!! Hope you are gaining, not that one can do much in the garden these days.Thanks E'n

26 Jan, 2013


Thanks Kasy
You have solved the problem it is a tree bought for its Autumn foliage and in its early tyears so the first time we have witnessed the flowers. Thanks a lot. I knew Goy would solve our problem!!
Persian ironwood
Common Name: Persian ironwood
Genus: Parrotia
Species: persica

26 Jan, 2013


glad you got it identified Telma. its a plant I dont know. i will look it up. its great getting introduced to a new plant.

26 Jan, 2013



26 Jan, 2013


You're welcome Telme8. I'm glad I could help and refresh my memory at the same time;-) The autumn colour is lovely.

26 Jan, 2013


its not witch hazel neither.. i know it but cant think of the name

27 Jan, 2013

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