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By Redted

Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Last year I had a lovely display with my Amyrrillis bulbs I have three in a tall pot but alas this year all I have is a lovely display of leaves any ideas why please. Thank You Redted



they are often 'prepared' for flowering in the first year you got it. [similar to indoor hyacynths.It may well flower next year. feed it regularly and then come the summer allow it to die back and then start the bulb off again in the autumn and you may just get a flower xmas 2010. :o)

2 Jan, 2010


thanks seaburngirl does this mean that they only flower once

3 Jan, 2010


for this season yes but next year you may get flowwers.

3 Jan, 2010


thanks seaburngirl for your help


4 Jan, 2010

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