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Hi. Ideas for plants that will grow along a garden fence, not much sunlight so struggle to fill to that area of the garden,



At the very popular Beth Chatto Garden in Suffolk they have shade loving plants shown seperately. Visitors can choose the plants to exactly suit their own gardens.

28 Jan, 2013


Clematis will grow in shade, and also Honeysuckle I believe. Winter Jasmine also ... it has yellow flowers in the winter. I have it on a shady wall. And another is Hydrangea petiolaris, to grow on a shady wall :o) I have that one too ... very pretty flowers in summer.
Some fuchsias (they like shade too) will 'climb' if you give them support. The best one is Lady Boothby. Grows to about 6 feet, and is hardy, so can be left in the ground all year :o) Most fuchsias do preffer shade, and the colours are more delicate when grown in a shady spot :o)

28 Jan, 2013


Euonymus fortunei - there are several variegated ones, which grow in shade. Up to you how big they get - you can train them upwards or trim them into shrubs.

I'd recommend 'Emerald 'n' Gold' or 'Silver Queen'. 'Blondie' is very striking. Have a google and see what you think.

28 Jan, 2013


Thanks for all your comments, making a plan already!

28 Jan, 2013


Camellias like shade as do heucheras and Japanese anemones grow well in shade too. Click on the S in the A-Z at the foot of this page then on shade plants to get some more ideas. Begonia sempervirens or semperflorens do well in shade. They are annuals but will give you quick colour while other plants settle in.

28 Jan, 2013


I would go for the hydrangea petiolaris as already mentioned. I have three of these and they all do really well in a north facing shady spot, and really 'romp away' after the first year.You DO need a sturdy fence though. What about a pretty ivy? I have this as well, as I like ivy [not everyone does] and it looks good all year round, the hydrangea is not evergreen though. Boston ivy is pretty in Autumn, but then drops its leaves.

29 Jan, 2013

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