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Hello goy friends ....
I've bought 2 camellia plants and they already have buds. in Belgium it is still frost and not sure whether i can put plants outside just yet. Any help with the care of these plants are appreciated as it is the first time we bought such a plant. rhanks

2013_01_28_19.07.53 2013_01_28_19.07.45



Just a small addition - i would like to grow in pots in terrace

28 Jan, 2013


For now I would put them somewhere cool, light and frost free - do you have a conservatory? Which way does your terrace face? Not good for a camellia to get sun on it if there has been an overnight frost. Pots will need to be large and filled with ericaceous compost.

28 Jan, 2013


I think it would be too much of a shock to put them outside just now, Detta, while it is so very cold. Keep them inside for a while yet. Later on, when they are in nice big pots on your terrace, and have been acclimatised and established, they should survive well, even through freezing winter weather, but unlike if they were planted in the ground, potted ones can get their roots frozen. It would be a good idea next winter to insulate the pots and maybe wrap the camellia itself in fleece in the lowest temperatures.

28 Jan, 2013


Hi, I apologise for the late reply. Thanks a lot.
Our terrace is north facing. I've placed them in the consevatory. I probably transfer them to the garden in Spring, although one is flowering already. Our garden is north facing.

18 Feb, 2013

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