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Hi everyone. I'm thinking of ordering some Digitalis Illumination, a new perennial foxglove that is completely sterile. This is probably a daft question but will it attract insects? I won't be ordering it if it doesn't have bees buzzing around.



Thankyou so much Bilbo! So delighted that someone has found out through growing them that they do attract our lovely bumble bees.
I should google gardening questions more often but usually ask here because I sometimes find conflicting advice on the internet. Come to think of it, it happens here too but it's more of a conversation between growers/experts on GOY and is more fun.

28 Jan, 2013


Its lovely. Where are you getting it from?

28 Jan, 2013


i have a £15 Tesco voucher to use with Thomson and Morgan which just covers the price for 3 jumbo plugs. Delivery is before end of April. P and P is £3.95 but it's ok by me. Fingers crossed that they are sturdy little plants.

28 Jan, 2013


If it is Bees you want, might I suggest that you go for Digitalis purpurea. A native.

Add a buddleia and a couple of other 'bee-friendly' plants, and Bob's your uncle!

29 Jan, 2013


they may well attract the bees but if they are sterile they probably wont produce pollen nor nectar, so a wasted journey for the bee. a nice plant though.

29 Jan, 2013


Fractal, i have purpurea and buddleia but wanted a perennial one. However, I take your point SBG and now it seems rather unfair to lure bees in only to expend their energy unproductively. It must be such a disappointment for them too. I think I'll check with T and M.

29 Jan, 2013


I sincerely hope you're not going to be disappointed with your plugs from t&m, seems a bit pricey to me for 3 plugs, Derek.

29 Jan, 2013


You're right Derek, they are expensive aren't they? Even for 'jumbo plugs'. I assumed it is because they are new and won awards at Chelsea. If not for the Tesco voucher I wouldn't have dreamt of ordering them. I'm living in hope!

31 Jan, 2013

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