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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Sorry- Comfrey-Again !
i'm away just now, but you may remember I dug some comfrey root up :7 months ago, set 9 pieces and had 9 plants coming up. There were very large leaves on all of them 4 months ago and I cut these off, expecting it to grow even more vigously.
My son phoned me yesterday and told me there was no sign of any comfrey at all ! Have I lost the lot or will they grow again when it gets warmer ?



they are winter dormant. come mid spring you will see signs of new growth. dont worry hank. :o)

30 Jan, 2013


You will soon have more than you can deal with!

30 Jan, 2013


Thanks a lot guys, i feared the worst. I'm very relieved.

31 Jan, 2013


you'll find some growth by late Feb. where you'll see new shoots coming through. Do you know whether it's Bocking 14 (this one doesn't spread) or was it just labelled Comfrey where you bought it from originally?

Within a full season, you'll find that it'll have formed a clump and with a long tap root by now. You can propagate from this and make further plants!

By summer once you've got them flowering (bees love them), either leaves new flowering stem on or cut down and cut a few leaves off for making liquid manure, or mulch. you'll get about 3 cuts in a season. it'll reflower again if you want bees to enjoy it later...

4 Feb, 2013


Thanks, I, - it's not Bocking 14. I went down the woods and found the comfrey, managed to dig out a piece of root and set 9 small pieces as I'd been told to by a GOY colleague. It was my 4 th attempt at growing it and I was devastated when I thought I'd lost the lot.
I look forward to seeing it re- appear.

5 Feb, 2013

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