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I received a tulip in a small container last week and Im not sure how to take care of it. I've tried watering it a little every day but now all the beautiful purple petals have shriveled and are falling. The leaves are turning yellow and I'm afraid I might have killed it. Is there any way I can save this plant?

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Hi Scaceres1 and welcome to GoY. It is very unlikely you have killed the actual bulb... if it was in full flower when you received it then after a week in a warm room it will be going over. Leaves yellowing could either be too much water or simply the bulb dying back - the commercial growers force them to have them flowering so early. Reduce the watering and let it die back completely then plant out in your garden/yard in a couple of months - depending where you are in the US.

6 Feb, 2013


I am wondering what sort of container it is in. A little water every day is good advice if the container has drainage holes. If it does not then the water is going to accumulate in the bottom and the plant will be waterlogged - yellow leaves.
Assuming poor drainage, and as it has finished flowering, I would actually unpot it now and plant it in the ground.
Tulips are hardy bulbs and not really suitable for growing in the house. It's leaves will die off completely now and the bulb will go dormant to, hopefully, grow again next spring.

6 Feb, 2013


Wow thank you for your quick replies. Just for your information, I live in the Mid-West so its pretty chilly out right now. It was in full bloom when I received them. It does look like the container has drainage holes but the container is in a porcelain vase so the water would probably pool in there. So I actually want to unpot it now, but I dont have a garden or yard. Can I repot it in another container maybe?
And thanks again!

6 Feb, 2013


Yes, you can pot it in another container but it would prefer to be outdoors rather than in a warm house. Once it has died down keep it almost dry until autumn.

6 Feb, 2013


Thanks a lot Bulbaholic!

6 Feb, 2013

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