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We have a hedge at front of my property adjoining next door neighbours. It is approx 3 feet in my garden and approx 1 foot in theres. the roots seem to be on my side, can this be taken down and a fence erected? Want to do it amicably and properly.



Perhaps the first thing to do is to have a friendly discussion with the neighbour. Can you establish who is responsible for the boundary? In the UK it is usually stated in the deeds which fences belong to which property. If the boundary is yours then you can remove the hedge but if it is your neighbour's there may be need for some delicate negotiations! If there is any sign of the original boundary marker such as some post and wire then you can see which side of it your hedge was planted.

7 Feb, 2013


Yes, agree with Steragram. Talk with your neighbour. Amicable arrangements are far better than battles.

8 Feb, 2013

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