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By Bernieh

Queensland, Australia, Australia Au

What is it?
Just been given this beauty ... looks like a dendrobium variety ... but I don't know that much about orchids ... so was wondering if anyone recognises it!




That is a beauty! It does look like a dendrobium but I couldn't hazard a guess as to which...

4 Jan, 2010


You have the same problem that I do, Berneigh, when it comes to photographing white flowers. They don't come out clearly.
My first reaction to the photo is that the plant is a juno iris! The wings are probably a little too broad for this, mind. You obviously have different growing conditions to us as we could grow neither dendrobium or junos outdoors.

4 Jan, 2010


Such beautiful flowers! Agree with Moon grower. Bernieh, if the flowers are fragrant, it's Dendrobium crumenatum...

4 Jan, 2010


Thanks for your responses MG, B and Uma ... I will have to take a whiff tomorrow Uma (night here presently!) but after checking 'crumenatum' on the great googler ... I think you've got it!

You're right Bulb, it didn't come out too clearly ... it's a little bloomer and my camera's getting on now - doesn't take good close-ups anymore.

This beauty was growing under a huge mango tree and the old lady I was visiting just ripped out two little pieces for me ... she has no idea about plant names. Anyway I potted them both up and they've both flowered ... after seeing the lovely flowers I want to make sure I keep them going. So now I know the name I'll check out what I need to do now.

4 Jan, 2010


Your description of how carefully it was lifted quickly rules out a juno iris. They are very, very precious - on the other hand I am sure that they could easily take much rougher handling than we give them :-0.

4 Jan, 2010


Lol ... B, I freaked a little when I was watching her rip these two little things away .... but apparently that's how she has divided this particular orchid up ever since she first got it many years ago! Maybe we do treat some plants with a lot more care than they need.

4 Jan, 2010

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