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I'm a student living in a flat. I wish to plant something like herbs which would not grow to big plants and can be maintain in small little pots. Any suggestions or advice in doing so? I don't have a balcony, just a window so sunlight could be an issue here? Thanks!!!!!




There are certainly several herbs that will do well in pots though as you already have hinted, light may be an issue here as too little and the plants become leggy and pale and this not only effects the plants overall health but their flavour too.

The brightest window is best, and I would start with easy plants such as Parsley, Chives, Oregano and one of the easier Basils such as African Blue. Make sure you turn the plants regularly too so that they have an even growth habit and don't bend towards one side (towards the light).

If you don't want to start from seed, young plants will start to become available from March onwards in most plant outlets such as garden centres or DIY stores with plant sales area attached.

One last point, the best compost usually has a degree of loam in it.

4 Jan, 2010

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