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Cercis Avondale

No other names on label.

Picked up a bargain (I hope) at B&Q, reduced from £30 down to £6 and as I was picking it up, was knocked down to £2.50. I just couldn't resist!
There is so much conflicting information on the internet -
e.g. name chinensis or canadensis, size, suitable conditions and hardiness. Label on the plant says Full Sun/Part Shade, moist well drained, 2m high and hardy.
I would like to plant this as a specimen in the lawn - the shadier side of the garden is what would be considered the best draining (if last summer is anything to go by).
It is west facing - will get filtered sun through the fence until early afternoon and then full sun til around 5pm.
The only advice these sites seem to agree on is that they don't like root disturbance, therefore I'm going to have to get it right first time :)
Any opinions/comments please?



I have a Cercis avondale - a variety of chinensis and not the American canadensis (I bought a few of those after visiting the US as well). I would say the location picked sounds fine - dappled sun in well draining soil. They have those lovely pink flowers all over the stems in late spring.

Great bargain you got! 2 metres when mature sounds about right from the specimens I have seen (mine are about 1 metre tall at moment).

9 Feb, 2013


I also have this lovely tree. It is C chinensis. I have it in dappled shade and it is doing well. Mine is 6ft and yes you had a baragin of bargains. lucky you.

9 Feb, 2013


Cercis wood is fairly brittle so they won't like a position exposed to strong winds

9 Feb, 2013


Thanks all - I'm hoping it will look as good as the pics on Google!

10 Feb, 2013

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