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Hi, I am trying to learn about camellias. I need to know the height of the different varieties, but am not finding it on the internet. Can anyone help me to find out about the mature height and width of the different kinds of camellias? Thanks.

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Hi Kathleen and welcome to GoY, for your own sake edit your question to remove your e-mail address unless you want to receive a lot of spam...

The RHS has excellent info on camellias
but given that you are in Canada have no idea whether you can even grow them.

10 Feb, 2013


Yes Kathleen please remove your email and repost with mail.

Have a look at this link.

10 Feb, 2013


Thank you.

10 Feb, 2013


You're welcome...

10 Feb, 2013 have a look at this website.
Their address is on this website,
They are in British Columbia. If you cantact them they will probably be able to give you some advice.

11 Feb, 2013

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