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By Tintin

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

I dug up a rose bush yesterday, in the roots were a number of small round creamy/yellow eggs, I have noticed these in other parts of the garden. What are they and can I eradicate them



Either slugs eggs or slow release fertiliser - how long have you had the rose bush? If it is more than a couple of years most likely to be slugs eggs.

10 Feb, 2013


Slug eggs squish if you squeeze them with your finger and tend to be small and pearl like, fertilizer tends to have hard shells and do not squish - they are also larger.

10 Feb, 2013


slug eggs are transparent round jelly like. slow release fertiliser as said are hard shelled and crack open. I suspect it is the later in the compost.

10 Feb, 2013


Thank you for the info, looks like I have slugs eggs. Time for the nematodes

11 Feb, 2013


no its too cold for the nematodes Tintin. also if they are yellowy/cream they wont be slug/snail eggs as they are colourless.

11 Feb, 2013

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