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By Dorjac

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

How do I know a holly will produce berries if I go out to buy a bush?



You must have a female Holly, for a start, and also a male one needs to be somewhere around to fertilise it.

Be careful not to be 'fooled' by some names that you'll see, though - 'Golden King' is actually a female! Make dure you read the labels carefully to find out which are female.

4 Jan, 2010


Best to buy two hollies if you have the room, one male and one female. As Spritzhenry says, it is the female that bears the berries.

4 Jan, 2010


Ilex J.C. van Tol and I. Pyramidalis are both self pollinating, so if you buy one or other of these, you won't need another nearby to get berries. All the other named varieties are male or female and, as Spritz says above, do your research, she mentions Golden King being female - Golden Queen is male! Which means if you bought both of them, you'd get berries on Golden King. Clear as mud...?

4 Jan, 2010


Oh dear, Bamboo - WHY do the people who name plants make it so difficult?

4 Jan, 2010


lol, Spritz, no idea why they chose Golden King for the female and Golden Queen for the male, seems bonkers to me

5 Jan, 2010

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