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why wont my climbing rose bush bloom had it in for 5years?



Do you know which it is.......and where is it planted?

13 Feb, 2013


Welcome to Goy Sherrylynn. The main branches of climbing roses need to be tied in along a wire instead of being allowed to climb upwards. The flowering stems are produced on those branches. If yours has been in for five years it may need to be taken off its support and lay it along the ground if possible then starting with the first branch up the main stem tie that in along a trellis or whatever support you have in place. Take the next branch and tie it in further up the trellis but still growing along instead of up. Continue like that until your rose branches are all tied in. If there are too many branches cut the excess off. You have no need of extra growth. Soon you should see new branches growing up from those you have tied in. These are where the flowers will appear. Because you have coverd your trellis with lateral stems which will each produce flowering stems you should have a great display. If your climbing rose is next to a lawn have you been feeding that with a nitrogen based fertiliser. It will give you lots of green stuff but no flowers. Hope this helps.

14 Feb, 2013


welcome to GoY from me too.
I agree with Scotsgran, I suspect the stems need to go as close to horizontal as possible. left untrained the weight of the stems brings the stems down so the laterals produce the flowering parts.
if the stems are too woody to lay down then prune some out and as the new growth develops lay that down.

as a final thought it is a climbing rose isnt it? and not a mislabeled bush rose. Is it in full sun, part shade or deep shade?

14 Feb, 2013

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