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Hi There--Not been on for some time--Hibernating!
Can anyone give some advice--I have this Ornamental Grass in a tub--about 2-3 ft. Showing already signs of new leaves coming in (even in Central Scotland), but should I cut all back or attempt to only cut out old brown growth from last year?--should I have actually cut back last autumn?

Many Thanks
Ian H




No I don't think you should ever cut it back in autumn as the top dead bit protects the root.I've read recently that Feb is the right month to cut back but that is down here( inSurrey). Wait until all the plants are beginning to grow properly & then cut it all back,it will bounce back. You could give it a light feed at the same time if it has been in that pot a long time(nitrogenous).

14 Feb, 2013


Do you know which grass it is?

14 Feb, 2013


It looks like 1 that I have, {don't know the name of it}I cut mine back about middle of march, but it doesn't usually have as much new growth on it as yours appears to have, Derek.

14 Feb, 2013

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