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how do i keep cats from pooing on my lawn iv tryd the cat repelent with garlic in but they still come back anything else i can try?



are you sure its cats they tend to poo in beds & borders & bury it.

14 Feb, 2013


I would question it being cats too... do you have foxes around?

14 Feb, 2013


I agree that it's not likely to be cats.

14 Feb, 2013


Some cats do this though. A friend of mine has the same trouble and she knows its cats. I've read that its the dominant one who doesn't bury the poo. No idea how to stop them though, apart from the hose with a sensor that operates when something passes the trigger spot. There is an ultrasonic repellant that is said to work over quite a wide area but you would have to make sure it didn't also affect neighbouring properties if they have cats of their own.

14 Feb, 2013


Its certainly a cat same 1 usually if im up early enough im out chasing it off before it as chance 2 do it (as iv seen this cat do it), iv also ad 4 motion sensors they worked 4 short while but then the noise stopped bothering the cat. The garden next door is just weedy and soil so cant understand why it woundnt do its buisness there and bury it. Any suggestions would be great help as im feed up of having 2 clean this mess up so my daughter can play. Thank you.

15 Feb, 2013


How about trying the 'mens urine' method? Sprinkle some 'pee' around the area, it works with foxes! Also I have heard that bunches of human hair do the trick too, maybe ask your local hairdresser for some. These are only things to never know.

15 Feb, 2013


I tend to find my cats miraculously find any new bed that I've just prepared for planting.

Do you have a spare patch that you can try?

15 Feb, 2013


I'm wondering how long the grass is - if its kept short and clipped, cats don't usually use it as a toilet, its only when its a bit longer, possibly even shaggy, that un neutered toms will most definitely do their business in it. If it needs cutting, cut it, that might solve the problem. Turning over a patch of soil somewhere else should mean the cat should transfer to that area, although un-neutered toms are pretty lazy and often don't bother to cover their doings anyway.

17 Feb, 2013


I had the same problem a couple of years ago and i tried a whole manner of things which was unsuccessful. In the end it was driving me to despair!
Eventually my neighbours moved and took the cat with them however the only thing i didn't get round to trying was a silhouette in black of a cat which i later found a friend of mine used.
Apparently if this is placed in the garden, either a bought one made of metal or even one made from an old piece of plywood it's supposed to work a treat.

Good luck, i know how you feel.

17 Feb, 2013


thanks 4 all your ideas not herd of any of these 2 keep them off, didnt think it could b the lenght ov the grass either as thats where it tends 2 happen mainly round the edges where my lawn tends 2 grow longer 1st, il av look in 2 them, thank you 4 ur help :) .

20 Feb, 2013

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