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Does anyone have a recipe for Italian Lasagne using fresh Spinach and 3 different types of cheese and baked in the oven ? - mentioned in a John Grisham novel.



Not read the novel .

But googled and found this on .

15 Feb, 2013


Sounds nice, I think that I,ve had it at a restaurant but using canneloni

15 Feb, 2013


I was just going to answer this when I noticed your answer Scotkat. I haven't looked at Delia's recipe but I had a very dear friend who was a brilliant Italian chef. He always used to claim that when cooking most Italian pasta recipes, the recipe is only a guide. So, whilst ricotta with spinach would be an integral part of this, and pine nuts are a common enhancement to give it a bit of 'crunch' and substance, it won't matter too much which cheeses you use as long as you like the flavours and they go well together. Bechamel sauce is useful if you want it creamy but start with a common and accepted mixture of cheeses. Ricotta is technically a cream cheese, mozarella is lovely and gooey when melted and parmesan goes crispy when grated on top. Add some semi hard cheese, even cheddar is fine if you want and if you want extra flavour and bite then a creamy blue cheese like gorgonzola or dolce latte would make an interesting change. Have a look at and try Delia's recipe as recommended by Scotkat but then have fun and vary to your own taste. You may occasionally go wrong but taste as you go along and then if it is going wrong for you, you can always rescue it.

15 Feb, 2013

Type in spinach & three cheese canneloni

I have made this a few times and it always turns out fab. Hope this helps

16 Feb, 2013


Thank you everyone. Using various kinds of left over cheese seems to be the right thing to do. Will give it a go, as I have some fresh Spinach on my allotment.

16 Feb, 2013


What do I know about 3 cheese lasagne?
Er...em, well big, fat zero, actually.
What I DO know is that I owe you a big, fat thanks for welcoming me & giving me sensible advice.
Thanks Dianne!

7 Mar, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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