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A duff daphne?
This year Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' has gone mad; But not in a good way..
As can be seen in the pic, it has a deformed stem with all the flower buds clustered on the end.
The rest of the shrub is fine but there are no visible flower buds elsewhere. The flowers are only on the deformation.
My plan is to let it go for now until it has flowered and then chop off the offending stem.
Is this the best course of action? Or should I chop it off now and hope it will kick-start the rest into flower?
Over to you... :)




I think that's probably fasciation, don't you - so you could leave it and chop it off later, I'd say. I've never seen it on a Daphne before, though! Weird!

20 Feb, 2013


First time that I have seen fasciation on a daphne, also! I don't see much point in cutting it out now, at least you have some flowers. i would take that stem out later, though.

20 Feb, 2013


Thanks for that. When I do chop - should it be above the union or below; ie down to the next branch?

20 Feb, 2013


I would take it low to make sure that it was completely removed.
How long have you had the daphne, Fractal. I thought that fasciation was an anormality in the gene structure of a plant and should show early in its life.

20 Feb, 2013


it can be caused by damage to a growth point [apical/lateral meristem] and as the new growth starts the fasciatoion occurs as the cells have been affected. temperature, sap suckers are often cited as causes.

20 Feb, 2013


Bulbaholic - The plant is only a couple of years old. Or rather it was bought and planted a couple of years ago. I suspect that it will have been 'in the pot' for a couple of years prior to my purchase of course.

Seaburngirl - It is quite possible that damage was done by our rather exhuberant dog (Whippet). I didn't notice any but still...

21 Feb, 2013

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